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Closet Organization Ideas - Have More Space in the Next 48 Hours


You finally got that kitchen remodel done you’ve been putting off for the last two years.

It’s a good thing you worked with the best residential dumpster rental service in Atlanta or you might still be on your way back from the dump.

Now it’s time to focus on your space. Closet storage is one of the biggest pains for homeowners.

It seems like no matter how much stuff you get try to get rid of, your closet shrinks to match whatever is left.

Not anymore. With these closet organization ideas, it’ll feel like you have a walk-in closet Mariah Carey would be jealous of.

Our Top 5 Closet Organization Tips

1. Hang up Your Most Used Items Outside Your Closet

Have a favorite backpack you take everywhere?

What about your favorite pendant necklace or your partner’s go-to tie?

Everyone has items in their wardrobe they wear close to daily. If you find yourself constantly scrambling for your wardrobe staples, put up some easy peel hangers next to your closet.

This way you’ll have all your most used accessories on hand for any occasion without destroying your closet looking for them.

2. Display Your Favorite Bags/Wallets

Bags and purses can be a challenge to store without them becoming misshapen.

Don’t want your favorite bag to go from upright to hobo sack? To prevent bags from getting compacted like last week’s garbage try a display system similar to the accessories wall.

Install some basic shelves at the back or sides of your closet. Your bag collection will look brand new instead of looking like you need to call a dumpster rental service for all your destroyed purses.

Your bags will keep their shape and you’ll feel like you have a closet fit for a celebrity.

3. Keep Nice Clothes Nice

What’s the point of spending all that time ironing or taking your work clothes to the dry cleaner only to have them look creased when you wear them?

Closet storage shouldn’t be about just shoving everything in and hoping it fits.

You can prevent wrinkles and save your pleats with specialized pant hangers. Instead of just throwing your favorite pair of khakis over a hanger like dead weight, your pants will look fresh out of the store.

4. Hang Stuff on Doors

The best closet organization ideas give you more space. If your closet doors swing out, you can hang a shoe rack on one or both doors.

This gets your shoes off the floor and out of the inevitable pile they end up in at the bottom of your closet.

Closet organization solutions like this prove you don’t need a walk-in to have enough space.

5. Fold Basics, Save Hangers for Nice Stuff

Hanging clothes keeps them free of wrinkles but basics like t-shirts, sweats, and other casual clothes don’t need to be pristine.

You can save a ton of room by rolling up your casuals like you would if you were going backpacking.

Set up a small cubby system so you can have separate your socks, underwear, etc.

What's Even Better Than Closet Organization Ideas?

Having a closet you’re proud of is easy with these closet organization ideas.

Did you end up having more to get rid of than you expected? No problem.

You still have a great dumpster rental service phone number in your recent calls.

Remember how nice it was to see their employees laying down boards to protect your driveway?

It’s refreshing to work with people that care as much about your property as you do.

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