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The Secret to Solving Your Holiday Trash Pickup Problem


Want to know the secret to hassle-free residential dumpster rental in Alpharetta, Georgia?

You’ll never have to let the thought of holiday trash pickup ruin family time again.

Wouldn’t you rather have a relaxing morning after Christmas instead of feeling like the only maid for a 60 room hotel?

You’re biggest concern will be if you’ll have enough time to throw the sugar cookies in once the turkey is done.

Americans throw away up to 25% more garbage through the holiday season. A few small changed can mean diverting hundreds of pounds of waste from the landfill.

So how can you solve your holiday trash pickup problem without hampering the most joyous time of year?

With a few simple tricks, you can start enjoying your holidays and reduce holiday trash.

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle This Holiday Season

1. Reuse Greeting Cards

Most of the holiday greeting cards we get only have writing on the back half. Cut off the fun printed side and now you have a 100% recycled holiday postcard!

You can use the same method but this time use a hole punch so you can tie some ribbon through the card. Perfect if you’re running low on Christmas tree decorations.

Need a new candy bowl for the holidays? It’s never been easier to recycle holiday trash. This Christmas card bowl is a simple craft that can save you from spending on a generic bowl from the store.

Or make your own advent calendar for the kids in your family. You can use high-quality chocolates and even a little cash as gifts. Sure beats that milk chocolate you don’t know when they put into store-bought calendars.

2. Repurpose Wine Bottles

Wine flows like water around the holidays. Instead of tossing the bottles straight into the recycling, why not get creative?

Fill empty bottles with water and stick them upside down in your planters. You’ve just turned your flower box into a self-contained ecosystem!

No need to worry about watering for at least a few weeks. If you wanna keep your old bottles out of the garden, use them as vases to keep fresh cut flowers on the table.

If you’re willing to spend a little more time upcycling, grab some chalkboard paint and coat your old bottles in them. Write some cheery holiday quotes or use them as place cards so everyone knows where to sit when it’s time to carve the ham.

Book lovers often get a slew of new reading materials around the holidays. Fill your old wine bottle with colorful sand to weight them down as bookends.

3. Wrap Gifts in Old Magazines

Most of us don’t get newspapers anymore, but who doesn’t love a glossy magazine? What about those old National Geographics and that Paleo Weekly you picked up in line at the grocery store months ago?

They’re just sitting around waiting for the annual holiday trash pickup.

Use them to wrap small gifts or even as tissue paper for bagged items. Use them to make paper mache eggs and fill with little goodies for the kids.

Don’t want everyone putting their cold, wet drinks all over your coffee table? Fashion some coasters out of your favorite old magazines.

If you’re really in the crafty mood you can even turn magazines into furniture. Yes, furniture.

Rolling up your old magazines and using them like Lincoln Logs, you can actually build your own furniture for extra guests this year.

Residential Dumpster Rental for All Your Holiday Trash Pickup Problems

Picture this: all the gifts under the tree wrapped in reusable angel-print cloth. So many stockings hanging from the mantle you remember why you put up with having all your crazy family members stay with you for the week.

And you’re not sweating the cleanup. In under 5 minutes, you can have a quote on a residential dumpster rental that fits your holiday trash pickup needs.

How are we able to provide such speedy service at affordable prices? Instead of outsourcing every aspect of our business we do everything ourselves.

From the moment you call us you’re speaking to someone right here in town. Not someone 10,000 miles away who can’t find you on Google Maps.

There’s no need to rush this holiday season. Every dumpster rental comes with a 7-day lease, regardless of size.

We handle all transportation and even spot you and dumping fees. Instead of charging you for other companies to do our work, we pass the savings on to you.

So why wait? You have nothing to lose and a holiday season to reclaim. Call now and get rid of holiday trash ASAP!