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The 10 Easiest Ways to Declutter Your Home Fast in 2020…


Most people have given up on their resolutions by now, but that’s not you. 2020 is the year you finally declutter your home.

It’s so easy to let things pile up. A mediocre gift here, an unnecessary purchase there. The good news is, with a residential dumpster rental service, like Bin There Dump That, it’s just as easy to clear it out.

We won’t keep you waiting like the recipe blog posts. No backstories, character development, or confusing plot twists. Just he 10 best ways to declutter your home in 2020

1. 80/20 Rule

You’ve heard it before. 20% of your stuff makes up 80% of the items you use on a daily basis.

Yes, that’s right. You could throw away 80% of your stuff and not even miss it.

2. Assign a Value to Every Time You Use It

This helps to make decluttering feel more like a game. Heavy furniture? 100 points. Old newspapers? 5 points.

Make it a challenge to throw out at least 200 point value worth of items every day.

3. Fill a Trash Bag Every Day

If points are too complicated make it a goal to throw away at least one full trash bag a day. This is a great option if you don’t have time to spend a couple of hours a day decluttering.

4. Make a Checklist to Keep You Motivated

Checking things off a list is satisfying. It also makes you feel like you’re moving through your work at a faster pace.

Thumbtack a checklist to each room of the house in need of decluttering. You can focus on the rooms with the least to do first and save the messiest rooms for last, just like waiting to do the word problems last on a standardized test.

And no cleanup checklist would be complete without calling a great residential dumpster rental service, like Bin There Dump That.

5. Take Progress Pictures

Like losing weight, losing clutter can be hard when you’ve already gotten rid of so much and still see a mountain more to go.

Taking pictures lets you see how much you’ve gotten done in a short amount of time.

6. Use the Four-Box Method

Get four boxes and label them: trash, give away, keep, or re-locate. This is perfect if you have lots of stuff going to different places.

7. Consider Hiring a Service

This option can be expensive, but if you don’t have the time or energy after work to dedicate to decluttering, it could be well worth it.

8. Get a Label Maker

Before you know it you won’t know if that container had shoes or old tax returns in it. Get a label maker so you don’t have to rely on memory to know what’s in storage.

And it won’t just go to waste when your project is over. Label makers are great for reusable spice jars and other small things around the house.

9. Get Rid of Old Manuals

Hate to break it to you but that old Sylvania TV that’s thicker than an old-growth redwood is never coming back in style.

So many of us hold onto technical manuals as if our lives depend on it. If your junk drawer has more instruction manuals than takeout menus, you’re in bad shape.

10. Donate Old Media

Old DVDs, Blu-rays, and even VHS are still in demand by charitable organizations.

11. Make Decluttering Your Permanent Lifestyle

“Decluttering isn’t a set of practical action steps,” says Gary Collins, Best-Selling Author of The Simple Life Guide to Decluttering Your Life. “It’s a lifestyle. And a lifestyle is an expression of what you consistently believe and value.”

Bin There Dump That Is Here to Help With Your New Lifestyle Change

Decluttering can be emotionally draining. Getting rid of old stuff can feel like throwing away a piece of your personal history.

That’s why working with a dumpster rental company that’s on your side is key to making your decluttering successful.

We’ve been in your shoes. After dozens of terrible dumpster rental experiences, we knew there had to be a better way.

Bin There Dump That started with a simple mission: make renting a dumpster fast, easy, and clean.

So why wait? Your house isn’t going to declutter itself. Give us a call and have a quote you can add to your budget ASAP.

No making plans with a truck driver to get your dumpster around town. We take care of everything. Call now and check it out for yourself!