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3 DIY Renovations to Increase Your Atlanta Property Value


It seems like yesterday you were comparing interest rates on the loan you’d need to increase your property value.

You figured the short term sacrifices would be worth it to get a better offer on your Atlanta home.

Granite countertops, a clawfoot tub, maybe even adding on an extra guest bedroom. But as you’re crunching the numbers it hits you how expensive this is all going to be.

What is the point in spending tens of thousands to hopefully break even when you sell your property?

There’s a better way. Instead of trying to impress potential buyers with flash new fixtures you can’t afford, focus on making your home move-in ready.

Clean floors. Fresh paint. And a little TLC is all your home needs to save you from getting lowballed.

So before you max out a new credit card and take a second mortgage, keep reading...

These 3 DIY renovations to increase your property will save you thousands you can put towards something awesome, like a Carribean vacation.

1. Window Repair

Your windows don’t need to be cracked to be letting in a draft. Energy-efficient windows are a signal to potential buyers your property has been well taken care of.

If you have any double-pane windows moisture can leak in between. This can make your windows look foggy even when the sun is out.

Making sure at least the largest windows and skylights in your home are in good condition can make a buyer feel like they have less to do when they move in.

Speaking of skylights, although they’re a big investment they can add swaths of natural light to an interior room.

Potential buyers know the added value of energy-efficient skylights and the fact they don’t have to install them themselves is an added bonus.

2. Weatherize Doors and Windows

Adding door sweeps to the bottom of your front and back doors can hold in a ton of heat without even turning the heater on.

Windows need recaulking at least every 5 years or even more if the weather has been harsh.

Like touching up mortar or grout, make sure to remove old and damaged caulking before applying fresh caulk.

Double-hung windows require a little more finesse. You’ll need to open the bottom sash and install adhesive-backed weather stripping.

These inexpensive and simple changes can save you well over $200 a year in energy savings.

Saving potential buyers’ money will always increase your property value.

3. Add Shutters

Shutters are affordable and easy for someone with no renovation experience to increase their home resale value. They boost curb appeal and don’t require any invasive work.

You’ve heard it your whole life. It’s the little things that count. When that potential buyer drove by last month they thought, “what a shame, so much potential.”

But after your renovations, they won’t believe it’s the same house. The fresh white paint contrasting the dark shutters make your home look like something straight out of Leave it to Beaver.

Indoor shutters are also a huge step up from those dingy old metal blinds. How many times have you struggled just to get those crappy old blinds to stay up?

Potential buyers don’t like the idea of continuing the cycle of window covering abuse.

Depending on your windows you may have to have them custom-fitted. Something to keep in mind before you buy that economy pack of shutters at Home Depot.

Stop Waiting to Renovate

Some of the simplest improvements can increase your property value by tens of thousands.

Just like well-fitted clothes look better than oversized designer duds, a well-maintained home is better than an expensive and poorly-planned add on.

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