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Bulk Trash Pickups in Atlanta Switch to Appointment Only


Atlanta’s already stingy bulk trash pickup schedule is now switching to scheduled only appointments.

These bulk pickups don’t accept construction waste, so if you were planning the city to haul away your old roof, forget about it.

This rules out anyone remodeling or building onto their existing home. Weekend warriors should start looking elsewhere for their waste pickup needs.

Any extra pickups other than the 12 freebies you get throughout the year can cost $325 or more depending on what you’re throwing away and how much of it there is.

Don’t think you’re being sneaky by just putting out your bulk trash pickup items without notice.

Doing this will rack up fines for illegal dumping on top of that $325 fee for an extra pickup. Pretty steep penalty for a new rule.

What Is Accepted?

Construction waste isn’t the only item not accepted by the bulk trash pick up. Tires and car parts aren’t welcome at the dump site.

The only items accepted are mostly furniture and appliances:

  • Mattresses
  • Sofas
  • Dining room sets
  • White goods (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Bedroom furniture

Any fees you pay are supposed to be going to support the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, and yet you can’t recycle hard to recycle materials. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

You don’t even get to choose the size of dumpster when you make an appointment. If you have more than 8 cubic yards of waste to get rid of, you’d have to schedule multiple pickups and pay over $300 for each additional trip.

Will You Be Overlooked?

On July 9th of last year, Atlanta changed its trash pick up schedule. Nothing out of the ordinary, cities do this kind of thing all the time, right?

Well, there was one big hiccup with the new schedule. The Holly Downs neighborhood was completely forgotten for over a month while the new schedule was being enforced.

Keep in Mind this was the middle of the summer in Atlanta. The trash piled up for a month in the Georgian heat as residents of the Holly Downs community stared at the piles of garbage in confusion.

Why did this happen? Atlanta has a shortage of garbage trucks and is trying to get their priorities in order. City officials say that regular garbage pick up is top priority before collecting recycling or yard waste.

But that still doesn’t explain why no garbage was collected from the Holly Downs neighborhood at all for over a month.

When a resident finally had enough and called the city to complain, their address couldn’t be found in the City’s record system.

The City of Atlanta said they were aware of this and working to get everyone back on the map.

Sick of the Rules Changing? Us Too...

Don’t wait around for the city pickup that could take days or weeks before they have an available bulk trash pickup.

And what if they can’t accept the volume of trash you need to get rid of?

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No waiting around with piles of debris in your yard or bags on bags of garbage on the side of your home. Can you imagine a month’s worth of garbage baking at your doorstep? Don’t go through the nightmare Holly Downs residents suffered through last summer.

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Our biggest dumpster holds 2.5 times what the city’s bulk trash pick up can handle.

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