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The Top 5 Common Old Home Renovations in North Atlanta


From Antiques Road Show to your local flea market, you’re a certified vintage-aholic. But you’re worried if you’ll be able to handle the delicate nature of old home renovations.

Relax. The best residential dumpster rental in Alpharetta, Georgia has your back.

So when that old victorian you’d been eyeing for years finally had a for sale sign out front, you knew it had to be yours.

They just don’t make them like they used to. You’re one of a kind and want your home to reflect that.

Getting settled into your new home is all fun and excitement until your foot falls through a rotted board on the attic floor.

And the kitchen sink with a pipe the size of a drinking straw seems to be always be clogged. The brick foundation is so worn you don’t know if it will last another rainy season without popping a leak.

Old homes have history, character, and plenty of maintenance issues.

These 5 most common DIY home renovations will help you ensure your antique home lasts another century without falling to the ground like a wolf is blowing on it to get to his pork dinner.

1. Axing an Addition

It’s an all too common problem. A beautiful old home deemed impractical in size by its owners. 

Rather than carefully plan an addition with the help of professionals, they start sticking rooms on as if a classic craftsman works like a set of Legos.

Whether it’s an oversized master bedroom above the garage or a sunroom so big it could be a guest house, sometimes less is more.

Start by making sure the previous owners bothered to get the right permits for the addition. If it was built haphazardly there could be unknown dangers when tearing it down.

2. Repairing Stairs

Squeaky stairs are the sign there’s too much wiggle room between the boards. If you look under your stairs you’ll find loose and even missing wedges meant to keep this from happening.

The part you place your foot on isn’t nailed to the supporting piece. So unless your wedges are a perfect fit, get ready for every visitor to think your home is more disheveled than it really is.

3. Radiator Restoration

If you have a very old home, your radiator might have an impenetrable coat of linseed oil.

Restoring an old home always involves dealing with unique details like this.

Linseed oil is like armor for your radiator. It hardens the paint beneath it in order to withstand the constant heat coming off of it.

When possible, remove the radiator and strip the paint outside. Lead paint is very common in old radiators and you don’t want to shower your living room with it.

After stripping them of any ancient paint, varnish should be your top choice for the next coat.

Most paints will crack with the high heat coming off the radiator, hence the linseed oil. Varnish will protect your radiator from rust without needing to coat it with protective materials.

4. Soundproofing Windows

That wavy effect old windows have isn’t easy to reproduce. But old windows also didn’t take into account that many older homes are now in busy areas of the city.

To reduce the noise transmitted through them, begin with adding laminate to your windows. The next step is adding interior storm windows.

Not only are these much cheaper than exterior storm windows, but they’re also unnoticeable unless you’re examining the window panes.

5. Front Door Makeover

Old front doors are often made of sturdy heavy wood you don’t want to get rid of. But they are exposed to all the same elements as the rest of your home’s exterior.

If your front door is starting to look a little foreboding, it might be time for a front door makeover.

Start by sanding down the old paint and rough spots. Make sure to use exterior paint when you decide on a new color.

Call Bin There Dump That Before Planning Your Next Old Home Renovations

Sitting back in your vintage recliner, you can’t even hear the construction down the street through your soundproofed windows.

Your antique radiator with intricate sprawling designs fills the entire bottom floor with the cozy kind of heat you usually have to stand in front of the oven for.

When it’s time to hit the sack, your steps make even less sound than the street noise does through your windows.

Old home renovations can be intimidating. Taking baby steps and constantly maintaining your property ensures you’ll stay ahead of any deterioration.

And for any waste, your old home renovations produce you have your secret weapon: Bin There Dump That’s phone number.

We take care of all the transportation, cleanup, and dumping fees. So why put up with one more day of squeaky stairs or traffic noise?

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