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How to Prevent House Fires From Destroying the Things You Love


Thinking about deep frying a turkey this Thanksgiving? You might want to rethink that.

How many people would you guess die every year from attempting to deep fry a turkey? It sounds absurd, but it’s a very real problem.

Every year, five people meet their maker while trying to fry a turkey. To put that in perspective, only one person dies from a shark attack every year.

You’re five times more likely to die from trying to deep fry a turkey than having a fatal encounter with a shark.

If you’re wondering how to prevent house fires while still having all the fun fireworks and fried turkey have to offer, this article is for you.

3 Tips for How to Prevent House Fires

If you’re wondering how to prevent fires, you’re in the right place. Home fire hazards are easier to avoid than you might think.

So what are three things you can do to prevent a fire from occurring in your home?

1. Clothing Dryers Are a Huge Source of House Fires

Usually, when we think of house fires we think the kitchen. But drying machines produce a lot of heat using electricity.

This adds up to a dangerous combination if you aren’t taking care of your machine. Always empty the lint catch after every load and make sure the air vent stays clear.

Lint is like glitter, it gets everywhere. Make sure to clean all around your dryer to prevent lint from building up and becoming a fire hazard.

2. Clean Your Chimney

Chimnies add a splash of old-world charm to a home, but many modern homeowners don’t know how high maintenance they are.

Make sure to have your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year to prevent soot from building up and causing a fire.

You can also convert wood burning chimneys into gas units so you don’t have to deal with ash dirtying up your home.

3. Be Careful With Space Heaters

Especially older units. They don’t always have the safeguards central AC does for overheating.

And just like a candle, you have to be careful not to place your space heaters too close to furniture or curtains that could potentially catch fire.

How to Prevent House Fires and Still Throw a Great Holiday Party

Do you know what really makes your house the place to be during the holidays more than dangerously fried food or other fire hazards?

A clutter-free home gives you more space to entertain and somewhere to store the stuff that really matters to you.

But let’s face it, you’ve been procrastinating. The thought of making a million calls to arrange for a dumpster takes all the relief out of clearing out the clutter.

The solution? A dumpster rental company that does the heavy lifting for you. When you work with Bin There Dump That they even put down boards to protect your driveway from any damage.

City pickup won’t do that.

So call now for a free quote, or have a dumpster at your door within 24 hours.