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How to Avoid Overage Fees on Your Dumpster Rental


When you call to get a quote for a dumpster rental, you generally get the actual price you’ll pay in the end. There are instances where overage fees may occur due to over-filling the bin past its weight allowance or having restricted items like paint or tires in the bin.

Fortunately, these types of extra charges are easy to avoid if you take the time to learn more about what you can and can’t do with a rented dumpster. Bin There Dump That encourages our customers to call us with any questions about the proper use of a rented bin so you can avoid any surprise fees when using one of our handy units.

Check out these important tips when trying to avoid any overage fees:

Rent the Right Dumpster Size

If you rent a dumpster that is too small for your project needs, you risk overloading it. We always recommend going a bit bigger than planned so you have plenty of room for the material you are pitching. The added cost is minimal and way cheaper than paying for the extra poundage a smaller roll-off wasn’t intended to carry.

Avoid Third-Party Dumpster Rental Companies

If you call a rental company that doesn’t have dumpsters but instead contracts with a vendor in their database, you can’t be sure what your total costs could be at the end. Every company has its own policies and this means that the service you called probably has no idea. Go with a local company like Bin There Dump That so that you can get accurate answers to any of your questions about your rental.

Consider Recycling or Donating Items You Want to Pitch

While it is easy to just throw everything into a dumpster, you can also save money and avoid the risk of extra charges by donating or recycling some reusable items. Everything from furniture to simple tools is welcome at popular charity stores like Restore or Goodwill. Many times, you will also be able to get a tax receipt from these organizations for your donation.

Understand Company Policy Before You Rent

It’s critical to understand that no dumpster company is alike. Each has their own policies when it comes to overages and restricted item disposal, and not all of them are forthcoming or upfront about them.

Before you sign any contract with a dumpster rental provider, you should be crystal clear about the following details to avoid outrageous extra charges later:

  • Types of debris allowed in the dumpster you choose
  • The cost per ton over the weight limit
  • The costs for each dumpster
  • What size you need
  • Included clean-up services

Cover Your Dumpster During Bad Weather

Remember, dumpsters have weight allowances, that includes rainwater. Keep an eye on local weather reports while you have the dumpster, and cover it to avoid eating up your weight limit with water. This is a common problem for residential contractors that need the roll-off for an extended period. The longer you leave a dumpster exposed to the elements, the more it’s going to weigh.

Only Use Your Dumpster Rental for Planned Waste

When you rent a dumpster, you start to realize there are other items you could toss in there along with the debris from your renovation job. Or maybe your neighbor asks you to do them a favor and let them pitch a few things away in there too. While this is a convenient opportunity, you could possibly exceed your dumpster’s weight limit in the process. Try to only put related project debris and waste into your roll-off before anything else. Avoid the temptation of throwing away more than planned.

Rent Your Dumpster from a Trusted Provider Today

Individuals who take their time to learn about the ins and outs of renting a dumpster usually don’t incur any surprise overage fees. Choosing a reputable company that knows the area you live and has a good business rating and reviews is your best choice. Bin There Dump That proudly serves the northern Atlanta area and offers our customers premier dumpster rental services to meet their needs.

We have heard the nightmare stories and experienced them ourselves before starting our franchise. This is why we go the extra mile with features like cleaning up after hauling it out and placing down protective boards to set our roll-offs on to avoid damaging your driveway. Our team of professionals prioritize safety and look forward to answering all of your questions upfront and honestly.

Call us at 770-932-2838 to learn more about our dumpster policies and reserve yours today, or reach us online here. Visit our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

Remember to use Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster needs.