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How to Add Curb Appeal and Still Make a Profit Selling Your Home


Remember when you first bought your home?

Walking up to the front door with the smell of fresh lily blossoms in the flower garden hitting your nose like a fine perfume on a hot summer day.

The white paneling juxtaposed perfectly against the midnight black shutters. The deep navy blue door greeting you like a well-dressed doorman.

You’ve been wondering how to improve curb appeal, but what’s the point if you break even with all your upgrades?

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn how to add curb appeal without spending all your home sale profits.

How to Add Curb Appeal in 5 Easy Steps

1. Start Online

With services, like Zillow, the first time many home buyers see a home they’re interested in is online.

Hire a professional photographer and wait for the best time of day to take any outdoor photos.

Many professional photographers use drones for aerial shots, which can set your listing apart from the rest.

2. Get an Outside Opinion

Just like we go nose-blind to bad smells in our homes, we get used to all the little cracks and dings around our property.

Whether it’s a friend or your real estate agent let someone else take a walk through the property and take note of any damage.

3. Powerwash Away Your Troubles

Whether it’s a dirty driveway or a weathered patio, a good powerwash can bring well-worn homes back to the prime.

It’s cost-effective too. You can hire a professional for several hundred dollars or rent a power washer for an even cheaper way to add front door curb appeal

4. Take out Fly Screens

It might seem counter-intuitive, but fly screens obstruct the view from your windows. You’ll have to keep your windows closed which will also keep dust from piling up after you’ve deep cleaned for an open house.

Store them in the basement or a shed so the new owners can put them back up if they want to.

5. Add Lighting to Your Lawn

Solar lanterns are a cheap way to add a lot of charm to your house. If you’ve been wondering how to add curb appeal on a budget, start with some walkway lights leading up to the front door.

How to Add Curb Appeal Without Breaking a Sweat

Do you know what makes getting your house ready to sell easy?

A dumpster right out front to get rid of all the clutter in one sweep. But waiting for city pickup times on big items can be a real pain when you’re trying to wrap up the moving process.

That’s why you need to partner with Bin There Dump That. They take care of all the transportation so you can focus on putting the finishing touches on your home before it goes up for sale.

Stop worrying about how to add curb appeal and put first things first. Call today and have a dumpster at your doorsteps within 24 hours.