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Can I Put a Dumpster on the Road in Northern Atlanta?


You have your new cabinets ready for your kitchen rehab and have decided to rent a dumpster to hold all the debris from your project. But, do you need a permit? This is one of the most frequent questions we receive every day at Bin There Dump That. Depending on where you plan to place your roll-off during the course of your work will determine the answer. We normally recommend using your private driveway since a permit isn’t typically required for this location. But, if your city has strict rules about construction and waste, you need to contact your local government for more information before starting your project.

To help you better plan for your bin, we have put together some general information regarding permits and alternatives to parking your dumpster in the street.

Requirements for Dumpster Rentals in the Northern Atlanta Area

Renting a dumpster in the Northern Atlanta Area to make disposal of home project waste is a smart choice for convenience and cost savings. Bin There Dump That does our best to accommodate your wishes on where you place one of our handy roll-offs on your job site, but we have to put safety first. We treat compliance with your city, county, and state laws as a must, which may complicate where you can park your rental. This is why we recommend putting our dumpster in your driveway or private parking area instead of the street.

Most communities in the Northern Atlanta area do require a permit if you want to put a dumpster on the curb, so speaking with your city’s government office can fill you in on any important guidelines you need to follow.

Who Issues Dumpster Permits in the Northern Atlanta Area?

Customers who place our dumpsters on their privately-owned space, like their driveways, won’t need a permit. This makes our minivan size roll-off the ideal solution to avoid the hassle of paperwork and governmental red tape.

Our company understands that using your drive isn’t always possible, or you need a dumpster size that is much longer than your property space. In these situations, definitely reach out to the appropriate local administration for more information before scheduling your rental. Once you have the necessary permits, our delivery crew will carefully observe all laws and regulations and place your bin safely in the designated spot. You should check with the department issuing your permit about using bright caution tape and traffic cones to improve the visibility of our dumpster.

Below we made a handy list of city government links in areas we serve in the Northern Atlanta region. These departments should give you a good starting point for beginning the process of getting permission for parking a dumpster on the street.

Permits can have lengthy processing times, so be proactive and avoid project delays by applying at least a week before you need us.

Call Your HOA About Your Plans to Rent a Dumpster

Another important step in the dumpster renting process is checking in with your homeowner’s association (HOA) and make sure it is okay to have a dumpster on your property or curb. Most HOAs have the authority to decide how to use their private streets, in addition to state and local laws. They often have their own enforcement of parking regulations and may not allow off-street parking of dumpsters. If you are part of a community managed by one of these organizations, call them before contacting your city.

I Can’t Get a Permit To Use a Dumpster

On rare occasions, customers cannot obtain the necessary permit to place a dumpster on their street. This could be due to the road being too small or general safety issues. When you get denied permission to park a dumpster on the street, it can feel like you have no other options. We have an outstanding team of representatives on hand to assist you in finding another option so you can still get your home project done. Many times our smaller minivan size model will still meet your needs and can fit easily in your driveway.

We do have an alternative to parking your dumpster on the street, which is to offset it into your yard. Check out our FAQ or contact us for more details to find out if this option works for your situation.

Try to Keep Your Dumpster in the Driveway

Unlawful dumping is a serious issue for dumpsters left in an off-street parking spot. This is due to strangers throwing prohibited items like tires and car batteries into your bin and later you pay the additional disposal costs for those materials. State and federal law have very strict guidelines about the materials permitted in a roll-off. Units kept in private drives have fewer instances of having unauthorized persons leaving unwanted waste behind.

Reserve Your Northern Atlanta Area Dumpster Today

Bin There Dump That is here to help make this process simple and straightforward when tackling an important residential project. From the moment you schedule your delivery to when we arrive to clean up and haul it out, we’ve got you covered for all of your upcoming renovation needs. If you're ready to rent a dumpster, contact us today at (770) 932-2838 or contact us online for more information. Visit our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

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